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The E-Z UP® Advantage

The E-Z UP® Advantage

As found in any industry, not all brands and products are equal. As the inventor and industry leader of Instant Shelters™, International E-Z UP® continually sets themselves apart from all competitors. So what makes an E-Z UP® professional product unlike anything else? 

Nylon 6-6
All E-Z UP® professional series shelters feature nylon 6-6 sliders, fittings and spacers. Strong and resilient, nylon 6-6 is a dense synthetic fiber that stays durable in an extremity of temperatures and is highly resistant to fading or colour change in sunlight. 


High Tensile Ovular Truss Design
A patented feature, the double braced ovular truss offers a much higher tensile strength than the traditional rectangular design giving our professional products their exceptionally high wind resistance. Professional series trusses are made of either quality high strength powder coated steel or anodized aircraft grade aluminum. 

Bolt-On Top 
Another patented feature, the bolt-on top keeps your shelter in one piece! E-Z UP® shelters are all single unit construction meaning the top is never intended to come off of the frame for takedown or storage. The grommet installed and reinforced with nylon into professional series shelters makes sure your top stays put with no twisting and ripping like nylon strap systems.

Auto Peak®
Our spring loaded peak pole system combines with our bolt-on top feature to ensure our peaks are always tight. This system allows for precipitation to shed and preventions pooling that stretches and wears the polyester - no manual adjustment required!

Reinforced Upper Legs
Upper legs in all cross truss design Instant Shelters™ is an area of concentrated stress under load. The upper legs in E-Z UP® Professional products are triple steel reinforced to compensate.

Elevated Center
This patented preloaded cross-truss design allows for more head room by elevating the central structure of the frame higher than the outer trusses.

Pull Pin Sliders and Leg Adjustment Toggles
No one likes pinched fingers. These two features help make our commercial and professional products incredibly user friendly. Anyone can set up an E-Z Up® in less than 60 seconds!

Engineering and Design
Every E-Z UP® component was designed and engineered to optimize durability and prolonged quality in a genuine E-Z UP® product. 

Rigorous Performance Testing
E-Z UP® pays particular attention to ensure the quality and durability of its products. Products are put under rigorous scrutiny and tested for sun damage, wind load and both water and fire resistance.